(Writing) 11 September

Well, my writing streak of second round holds, followed by rejections, is still holding thus far with my recent rejection from Diabolical Plots. The rejection letter was so lovely that it’s hard to feel too hurt about it – there wasn’t a bad note in the entirety of the letter. This particular story is going […]

(writing) current state of things

It’s been a good, productive summer for writing. I credit Cat Rambo, the Nebula Awards, and Clarion West for a dramatic leap in my craft this year (well, I suppose I had a little to do with it too). I’ve been taking several of Cat’s classes – everything they teach has been useful and many […]

A Short Summer #3

Nebula weekend (which is amazing) has disrupted my well-meant plans to post a short story every day, though I will say that this is an incredible year for short fiction at the Nebulas. If you have not read “Open House on Haunted Hill” by John Wiswell, you absolutely must. It is lovely and a little […]

A Short Summer #2

Today’s short read was “St. Juju” by Rivers Solomon. I discovered their work earlier this year (or maybe last….pandemic time is funny that way) when I read An Unkindness of Ghosts. Since then, when I see Rivers’ name on something, it goes right onto my to-read list. Perhaps at some point I’ll write about Unkindness… […]

A Short Summer #1

To challenge myself during the summer, my plan is to read more short stories and blog something that I liked about them. It’s easy to accidentally spoil shorter works, but I’ll try not to do that. Feel free, however, to discuss in the comments. Today’s story was “Our Fate, Told in Photons” by K.W. Colyard. […]

Short Stories for the Week Ahead

I’ve been reading short stories lately, some familiar, some not, for both enjoyment and to think about what makes a good short story work. It’s not a universal formula, but I do find that I gravitate to stories that typically have a strong central character or a premise that speaks to me, either because it’s […]

Writing update – 1 May

I’ve been dipping my toes into the world of short story writing with some success. My flash fiction piece, “Chocolate,” was purchased by Daily Science Fiction. Since that qualifies me for SFWA Associate Membership, I’ve put in an application. Cross your fingers that it gets approved! My inner thirteen-year-old is dancing with the thought that […]

The Handmaid’s Tale S4 (SPOILERS)

Spoilers ahead for season 4, episodes 1-3, and potentially the rest of the series. Warning: This is really just a huge rant. I’m developing a real love/hate relationship with this show. The Handmaid’s Tale, weirdly, helped get me through the early part of this pandemic. In a time when we’re all used to instant gratification […]

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